Hardy Boys 01: The Tower Treasure

KSh 100.00

By Franklin W. Dixon

This is book one of the Hardy Boys Series.

This is an E-book. No hard copies available. 


The story follows the adventures of brothers Frank and Joe Hardy, amateur detectives who are determined to solve the mystery of a missing collection of valuable coins. The coins were stolen from the Tower Mansion, the home of wealthy businessman Fenton Hardy, who is also their father. The boys use their detective skills to uncover clues, question suspects, and track down the stolen coins. Along the way, the Hardy Boys encounter a variety of interesting characters, including a group of suspicious burglars and a mysterious stranger who may hold the key to solving the case.

With the help of their friends and some clever detective work, Frank and Joe are able to unravel the mystery and recover the stolen coins. ‘The Tower Treasure’ is a fast-paced and exciting mystery novel that has captivated generations of young readers. The book’s themes of friendship, loyalty, and determination continue to resonate with audiences today, and the Hardy Boys series as a whole remains a beloved classic of children’s literature.